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Delhi West Side Chiropractic Physician

Dr. John Paul Jones, D.C.

Chiropractic is a natural fit for me…

Cincinnati Chiropractor

Dr. John P. Jones

I was very health conscious and athletic during high school and college. Although, I was fortunate not to have spinal issues, my father and mother were hard-working blue-collar people who worked in factories and frequently sought care with a local chiropractor. I was in my teens, and remember being very impressed with the quality care and quick response to the care provided by dad and mom’s family chiropractor. He was highly intelligent and intuitive, a no non-sense kind of person. I was fresh out of the army back during the Vietnam War and finishing up my pre-medical courses at UC when I was invited by a close friend to go on a week-end trip to Chicago to take a look at National College of Chiropractic. While there I was very impressed by the quality of students I meet and with their professionalism. I took a close look at the college curriculum and I was absolutely amazed at their high standard of education and the extensive training requirements, which I found to be comparable to that of a medical college. I applied to National College of Chiropractic that weekend and was accepted within a month after providing my transcripts from UC. After completing a very intense 5 year program of studies in four years, in 1978, I passed all my boards and set up practice in Delhi. As the first chiropractor in Delhi Township, 43 years later I continue to be amazed by chiropractic. While studying at the National College of Chiropractic in Chicago, I was pleasantly surprised but very challenged by the intensity of the curriculum. From “day-one” I was prepared to meet the challenges of being a “chiropractic physician”. Dr. Shelby, my cardiology professor was the most inspirational professor, of many, while at National College. He once said that, as a health care student/doctor you must never stop learning and pursuing academic excellence. After 43 years and tens of thousands of hours in clinical practice, and hundreds of post-graduate studies, I continue to learn and strive for excellence. Dr. Shelby was absolutely right!

My Philosophy

My practice philosophy and care objectives are quite simple, really. Those being, to provide the most comprehensive and effective chiropractic care available in a relaxed and professional healing environment. First of all and above all, I am a physician; therefore, my patients well-being is of paramount importance to me. During the past 43 years of practice, I believe that the most repeated and best compliment that I hear from many patients is “Doc, I know that if you can’t help me that you will send me to someone who can”.

We are a Chiropractic Family

Upon my return to the US after two years in the Army during Vietnam, I met my “soul-mate” in June of 1970. Connie and I married and have two wonderful daughters. One daughter is a nurse, and the other is Occupation Therapist.. I have three wonderful young grand-children. These three sweethearts are the loves of all our lives. We enjoy taking short trips of our Harley Davidson, afternoon walks at Fairbanks Park, and outings with our neighbors/friends. We very much enjoy attending and supporting St. Lawrence Church in Price Hill on Sundays and meeting with our friends at Price Hill Chili for lunch after church on Sundays.

Chiropractic natural health and well-being concepts are engaged by my entire family. My wife, Connie, and I enjoy swimming, and treadmill work-outs together at home. All of my girls are quite excellent cooks, and are very nutritional conscious. I consider myself an excellent listener and hope I get the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss your specific health challenge. Call [Delhi Chiropractic Associates/Dr. John P. Jones] today to make an appointment!