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Your First Visit to Our Cincinnati Westside Practice

Welcome to Delhi Chiropractic Associates!

You will receive a friendly welcome from Alberta at the front desk.

You will receive a friendly welcome from Alberta at the front desk.

Our new patients can expect to be welcomed to our Cincinnati chiropractic office and a friendly manner by my receptionist/front desk person, Alberta. Alberta will ask whether or not you have insurance coverage, and will get a copy of your insurance card and verify your coverage, co-pay, and deductibles for you. Intake paperwork will need to be filled out regarding your medical history, medications, and current physical complaints of you haven’t already filled it our before visiting our office. Typically, the intake paperwork takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

We customize a chiropractic care plan to meet your needs!

Next, you will be taken into a private therapy suite where Robin, the therapist/assistant, will get your weight, height, blood-pressure, and pulse rate. Robin will let Dr. Jones know that you are ready for his evaluation. Dr. Jones will go over your history, and discuss your complaints with you. He will then perform a very thorough examination of your areas of complaint, arrive at working diagnosis, take x-rays (if needed), and prescribe a treatment method/plan that best fits you condition.

Dr. Jones will initiate treatment at the time of your first visit that is customized to your specific needs using “state of the art” conservative physical therapy and current chiropractic methodologies.

After the initial treatment, Alberta or Robin will re-schedule your next visit with Dr. Jones. All together, the new patient should allow at least one hour for the initial visit to our Cincinnati office.

Take a look to see what to expect during your second visit.